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The door to The Low-Carb Club is currently closed.  It will re-open in January

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Low-Carb Club

A nutritionist run low-carb support club for people losing weight and improving their health through low-carb eating and lifestyle changes

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Why go low-carb?

Low-carb eating is a diet and lifestyle change that has proven benefits for sustainable weight loss and improvements in metabolic health, including the reversal of type 2 diabetes

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Weight loss is difficult...

We understand that weight loss is difficult and can take a long time, you need help and support for more than a short-term programme. Weight loss is easier when you are supported by professional nutritionists and peers who understand you. That's why a supportive membership club is the best way to help you lose weight, regain health and feel fabulous once again

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3 good reasons to join our club:

1. Place

It gives you a place to start and continue your low-carb journey for weight loss. There is a clear path through the membership as your knowledge and confidence grow and your weight comes off. We want to take you from a 'novice' low-carber to an 'expert' independent low-carber who knows exactly what to do to keep the weight off!

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2. Clarity

We provide clarity about what you need to do to achieve successful weight loss and sustain it for life. No more confusion - our evidenced-based educational videos and guidance articles will give you clear information about all aspects of low-carb eating, how to fit it into your life and how to deal with all the challenges that come along as your lose the weight.

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3. Support and community

3. We provide continuous support and encouragement and help you pick yourself up if you fall down. Our community forum is a place for you to ask questions, share your experiences and support others. Being in a community of like-minded people will help you to feel less isolated and alone in your weight loss journey.

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What does membership include?

  • Course on the basics of low-carb eating
  • Course on personalising your diet for success
  • Course on Intermittent Fasting
  • Short video tutorials on a range of topics around low-carb eating, metabolic and general health to educate and guide you
  • A range of practical guidance articles, including tips, recommendations, recipes, meal suggestions and meal plans
  • A forum for peer to peer and professional support
  • Live masterclasses and Q&A sessions
  • Mini 1:1 consultation 
  • All available via a mobile app or desktop website
  • 20% off our personalised nutrition services


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Image of nutritionists Isabel Hemmings and Sue Wharton

Who are we?

We are Isabel Hemmings and Sue Wharton, Registered Nutritionists (BANT) and co-directors of Cinnamon Days CIC, a social enterprise to support people with chronic illness using dietary and lifestyle approaches. We are passionate about helping people like you to lose weight and improve health using a low-carb eating approach. 

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